The story of an Irish Man that has to go on the run for a miscalculated act of revenge to protect his brother

Fugue was written by Belinda McKeon; recently her book “Solace” was published to great acclaim. The show was produced by Origin Theatre Company at 59e59th Street. A 25 minute solo piece which was part of an off Broadway run that comprised of five solo pieces written by women.

The story of Fugue revolves around the character David who comes from Northern Ireland to New York. He has grown up through the troubles and because of his parent’s mixed marriage “mam catholic da not’ the family has been the victims of various types of sectarian violence including having their home burnt down a number of times.

He is now in NY on the run from local paramilitaries. David in a misguided attempt to protect his younger brother goes to the home of the man that made the threat and throws a brick through the window. Unfortunately the grandmother of the IRA man is coming down the stairs and is knocked unconscious,ending up in hospital.David gets a beating which leaves him with three broken ribs and a warning to leave town or face further punishment.

He is now in Brooklyn, standing outside his home in his “jockeys” watching the building burn to the ground. There are still people stuck in the building who are most likely dying.

David reminisces about his own journey and the place he finds himself now. Thinking about meaning and connections to family and his neighbors who are all strangers.Where has he gone wrong? Standing alone in the street with nowhere to go or anyone to call.

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"Spinning the Times wraps up with Belinda McKeon’s Fugue, where Mark Byrne is a troubled emigrant running from the violence back home. Even in Brooklyn, Danny is unable to shake the PTSD-like grip of fear, always looking over his shoulder. Byrne is focused and unyielding in his agony over leaving a troubled situation he wanted no part in." - Show Buisness

"The final piece, Belinda McKeon's Fugue tells the story of David (Mark Byrne) who has fled Ireland to protect his younger brother from revenge against David for his acts of violence and lands in Queens. While McKeon never develops the story sufficiently, Byrne is a strong and appealing actor who compellingly conveys the sense of utter loss and angry hopelessness of having everything stripped away." - Theatre Mania

"In "Fugue," David (Mark Bryne) is an Irishman, living in New York, who fled his native country barely one step ahead of being killed by the IRA....... his despair and disgust is evident.David may try to break those ties, but finds they go much deeper than expected—for both good and bad. "Fugue" presents a bleak worldview, with the character exuding hopelessness and anger in almost everything he does." - The Epoch Times

"Equally fine - Mark Byrne in Belinda McKeon’s “Fugue,” - Irish Echo